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Air France

Air France is the national airline of France and was founded in the year 1933. However, in 2004, the airline merged with the Dutch carrier named KLM. Since then, it has been a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM Group. This merger was known as one of the biggest mergers back in the day that led to the formation of one of the largest airlines in the world. Air France is known for its extensive fleet of airplanes that serve its customers round the clock. Now the name should be enough but let us still assure you that food wise you will be in for a treat while aboard Air France. Additionally, they also offer some of the best offers and discounts to make your travel cost-effective.

Gear up for a toothsome experience with an in-flight gourmet experience!

As we all know that France is known for its delectable and succulent cuisines worldwide, Air France tries to bring a similar experience to its passengers too. Enriched with a full-fledged gourmet experience, Air France brings to you food cooked by some of the best chefs across the globe. When you choose Air France for your travel, not only do you get to eat fresh and mouthwatering food, but you also get to taste original culinary creations from Michelin-starred chefs.

Impeccable customer support & service

Air France prioritises superior quality customer support and always strives to deliver the same. When you are travelling by Air France, you can rest assured that you will be given timely notification about flight delays, cancellations and even diversions. Apart from this, they also offer the best possible prices as per your travel plan.

They also deliver impeccable customer support at the airport. They are extremely sensitive to differently-abled people and always try to accommodate their needs in the best possible manner. They also ensure that passengers’ needs are taken care of at times of lengthy tarmac delays. So, once you have planned your travel with Air France, you can sit back and relax. Because all your needs are taken care of by the staff in the best possible way.

Choose from an extensive network of flights

With Air France, you can choose to travel to almost any location. The airline functions in 35 different destinations within France. Additionally, it covers approximately 170 different destinations in 93 other countries with its extensive fleet of airplanes. You can choose convenience and avoid layovers with direct flights offered to destinations in Europe, Asia,Africa, South America and North America.

Relax in spacious aircraft with comfortable seating space

Keeping in mind your comfort, Air France offers different classes of service for its long-haul flights. So, if you have an extensive or lengthy journey planned for your next trip, make sure you choose from business, premium economy and economy. With so much to choose from,there is no doubt that you can look forward to some relaxation before progressing towards your destination! However, for shorter distances and duration, the airline offers a standard three-cabin configuration.

Now that you have all the details about Air France feel free to plan your next trip with Air France.