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Brussels Airlines

Travelling features at the top of almost everyone’s bucket list. And if your travel itinerary includes travelling by flight then it only ups the excitement quotient, doesn’t it? Planning a travel schedule can drive you crazy, especially because of the many issues that one can face. But if you have chosen the right airline and planned your travel meticulously down to the very last detail, you can rest assured about having a fun travel experience. Speaking of choosing the right airline, we have to mention Brussels Airlines and its extensive network of flights.

No matter what your destination is, fly with Brussels Airlines to experience the best in industry customer support, exquisite delicacies, and an extensive network of flight options to choose from.

A Wide Range of Flight Options

Apart from choosing the right kind of airline, it is also important to ensure that the airline provides you with flight options for your destination. With Brussel Airlines, you can bid adieu to this worry as it has a well-connected network. It also provides you with multiple flight options for every destination.

If you are travelling to popular destinations like Croatia or Denmark or France then rest assured that you will feel spoilt for choices. But if you choose to travel to one of the unconventional destinations like Bosnia or Albania even then you have enough options.

In-Flight Entertainment

With Brussels Airlines, you get various options to keep yourself entertained throughout your journey. They have two different magazines viz-a-viz b-there! which is for all flights within the European network. They also have another magazine named B Spirit magazine which is for all flights within the African network. New editions of these magazines are released after every 1-2 months.

Apart from magazines for a good read, you also have 9-inch screens if you wish to watch something. Back in the year 2012, Brussels Airlines revamped the interiors of its A330 fleet. During this point, the screens were installed to widen the options for entertainment for passengers.

Brussels Airline: Classes of service

Brussels Airlines offers various classes of service within its flights. However, the classes vary for European and African networks.

European Network

For European, they offer Economy Light which includes pocket-friendly fares and the option to buy snacks and food once aboard the flight. Then there is Economy Classic which is like any regular economy class with the option to buy food inside the flight.

There is also Economy Flex which offers priority boarding, change flexibility and a fast lane at security as well. They also offer Business Saver which is a quintessential business class with premium and toothsome meals. They also offer free champagne in this class.

African & North American Network

Here again, they offer Economy Light which has no check-in luggage allowance. Also, there is little to no flexibility. It offers standard seating with in-flight meals. Then there is Economy Basic where you have check-in baggage allowance apart from everything else that is provided in Economy Light as well.

There is also Economy Basic Plus where you have the additional advantage of a refund on cancellation. However, the Premium Economy classes have many offerings for the passengers. These include free meals, beverages, and check-in baggage allowance. They also offer completely refundable tickets and the liberty to choose seats.

With their Business Class, you can experience a full-fledged Business class experience with free and delicious meals and in-flight entertainment options.

With all these details in your kitty, we suggest you book your tickets right away!