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Ethiopian Airlines

From beautiful beaches to mesmerising mountains, we all love travelling. Most of us tend to have a bucket list of places that we want to visit in our lifetime. Travelling is a lesson in itself as every trip leaves you with a set of life lessons.

But one part of travelling that tends to be quite cumbersome to plan is choosing the right airline. Whether it's a short haul or a long one, choosing the right airline can be quite tricky.That’s why you must make a list of your non-negotiable factors while flying and then choose the airline that is best suited to your needs.

Speaking of choosing the right airline, we must mention Ethiopian Airlines which also happens to be the national carrier of Ethiopia. Ethiopian Airlines was founded in 1945 as part of a modernization effort for Ethiopia following the nation’s liberation.

Several nations including the United States, United Kingdom and France helped the then emperor in laying the founding stones for the airline.

Fly to numerous destinations with Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airline has a vast fleet which enables it to serve across roughly 125 international destinations. The airline also has flight options in more than 20 domestic destinations as well.

Some of the international destinations include Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Los Angeles and Dublin. So, now you know that wherever your next trip might be, Ethiopian Airlines will certainly have a range of travel options for you to choose from.

Ensure the best services with their extensive fleet of aircraft

Ethiopian Airline is the first African airline to have a fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners. The airline also happens to be one of the few African airlines to have Boeing 777s in its fleet.With such an extensive fleet of various Boeings, it is not surprising that Ethiopian Airlines offers such a wide range of destinations to its consumers.

Keep yourself satiated with the best in-flight meals

Ethiopian Airline essentially offers two different classes of service: Economy and Cloud Nine.As you must have understood already, Cloud Nine is more like the Business or premium class.

The best part about the airline is that it provides free meals and beverages on all flights across both classes of service. Depending on long or short-haul flights, you can choose from hot meals, cold or warm snacks and warm or chilled beverages.

Apart from this, the airline also takes care of passengers with special dietary requirements and suits its meals to their needs. Hence, with Ethiopian Airlines, you can expect best-in-class service and sensitivity!

Spoil yourself with numerous in-flight entertainment options

Depending on which class of service you choose, you can have several entertainment options to choose from.

If you choose Economy then you can relax on your reclining seat and enjoy on-demand audio and videos. You can choose from over 80 channels and stream anything that you like on your 8.9-inch screens.

If you choose Cloud Nine, then you get to stream videos on 15.4-inch screens. You can surf across over 85 channels and keep yourself entertained throughout the journey. Apart from this, you will also get several reading materials like magazines and newspapers so you can keep yourself updated even while on air!

So, what are you waiting for? Fly with Ethiopian Airline Today!