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Kuwait Airways

The journey is always more enjoyable than the destination, often quoted and seldom used.However, in today’s date and age, with our hectic schedules and busy lives, we do attach importance to the journey part of our trips, don’t we?

Now, imagine planning a trip to one of the quaint towns of the Indian subcontinent or one of the oriental countries of the Middle East. Of course, the journey can be a long or short one depending on where you reside. But, irrespective, if you have the perfect airline to transport you to your destination, won’t that be just the perfect start to your trip? If what we mentioned above is your aim then look no more and choose Kuwait Airways without a second thought. Kuwait Airways is the national carrier of Kuwait. Headquartered on the very grounds of Kuwait International Airport, the airline operates within India,Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and of course the Middle East.

With an extensive fleet at its disposal, the airline has been known for delivering top-notch services to its customers since its founding stones were laid in 1953.

Choose from a range of destinations with Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways operates its fleet across 34 international destinations. Some of these destinations include countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. To enable operations across such a vast part of the world, the airline has a wide fleet of aircraft. These aircraft include Airbus A320-200, Airbus A330-200, Boeing 777-300ER and many more.

Hence, your next trip just cannot be complete without flying with Kuwait Airways. And in case you are not convinced yet, let us tell you about some more of its impeccable services.

Enjoy a delectable pallet while flying with Kuwait Airways

Apart from great connectivity, here is yet another significant factor in favour of Kuwait Airways. Let us agree at once that food is an important part of everything we do daily. No work or fun activity is worth it on an empty stomach.

And to ensure you have a fulfilling journey, Kuwait Airways offers you cuisines from all over the globe while on board. While there might be variations in the meal options between the different classes of service viz-a-viz Royal, First, Business and Economy, you can rest assured that the quality is supreme in every class.

The only thing that you might want to know in advance is that Kuwait Airways does not serve alcohol to its passengers. However, apart from this, most of its other in-flight services are standard and at par with other airlines of the same league.

Choose how you spend your time flying with Kuwait Airways

Every aircraft in the fleet of the airline comes with screens for you to peruse through a plethora of films. Of course, apart from movies, you can also choose to spend your time listening to a collection of beautiful audio tracks from various cultures, including the Middle Eastern.

But, just to get you excited, here are some of the movies that you can enjoy if you choose to fly any time shortly: The Woman King, Bullet Train, The Outfit and the list goes on.So, wait no more! Plan that trip today, book your tickets and get set go!