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Lynx Air Airline

Lynx Air is a widely recognized airline with a stellar reputation in the aviation business. Lynx Air delivers a unique travel experience to travelers globally, with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Lynx Air makes every travel enjoyable and easy, from providing comfortable seats to in-flight entertainment. Lynx Air links tourists to their chosen regions efficiently and dependably, owing to its broad network of local and international destinations.

Cabin Classes

Lynx Air offers 189-seater flights with no business or premium economy classes. Despite the thinness of the cushions, the comfort level is equivalent to that of other airline economy classes. Extra legroom, however, is available via the exit row and LYNX plus seats, which can be booked in advance for $40 - $57.50, based on the distance. Lynx Air has plenty of overhead luggage room, unlike other carriers where space is restricted and often challenging.

Baggage Allowance

The maximum size allowed for carry-on luggage is 15cm x 33cm x 43cm (6" x 13" x 17") for smaller goods such as handbags, laptop bags, briefcases, etc. Small suitcases and duffel bags with a maximum dimension of 23cm x 40cm x 55cm (9" x 15.75" x 21.5") are permitted. Larger suitcases and duffel bags have a total combined dimension restriction of 158cm (62") for the combined dimensions. The combined limit weight for all forms of luggage is 23kg (50 lbs).


To guarantee a smooth flight with Lynx Air, checking in online 24 hours in advance is recommended. Check-in for domestic Canadian travel closes 45 minutes before departure, with boarding shutting 15 minutes before. Check-in for international and domestic flights closes 75 minutes before departure, with boarding shutting 15 minutes prior.

Booking for Lynx Air

You can expect personalized customer service from Explore Nut Travels to make a booking with Lynx Air easier. Our professional team is available to help you easily book your desired Lynx Air tickets. Our customer service promotes effortless travel for you by offering details about prices and itineraries and answering any queries.