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Malaysian Airlines

Travelling is a door to not just new parts of the world but also a door that opens up new avenues of learning. It brings with it the exposure that can be given by no other activity.That’s why we must take time out to travel to keep ourselves refreshed and to continue learning.

But planning a trip is nothing less than an art. Whether it is choosing the right hotel or the right places to visit, it requires a lot of effort. Especially when you come to the point where you book your flight tickets, it can be confusing.

Well, the confusion happens mainly because of the number of airline options you can find when you book your flight tickets. But just because you get so many airline options doesn’t mean you should feel spoilt for choices. Because airline brands can vary in terms of their services like quality of in-flight meals or in-flight entertainment options.

But if you choose the right airline for your trip you can rest assured about having a great start to your trip. And speaking of the right airline, we have to mention Malaysian Airlines.Not only is it renowned for its fleet but also its outstanding in-flight services. It is the national carrier of Malaysia and part of the Oneworld airline alliance. Currently headquartered at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the airline was founded in 1947.

Choose to fly anywhere with a range of flight options

Before 2006, Malaysian Airlines operated across 118 domestic destinations and 114 international destinations. The international destinations spanned 6 different continents.  However, in 2006, a Business Turnaround Plan was introduced, owing to which multiple routes were removed from the airlines’ inventory. Some of the destinations that we removed are Fukuoka, Cairo, and Kolkata.

However, as of 2017, the airline flies to 57 destinations across Southeast Asia, North & South Asia, Middle East, Australia and Europe.

For those of you who are curious about what kind of fleet the airline has, let us give you some information as well. The airline has a total of 81 aircraft in its fleet. Hence, it can very easily conduct its operations without any delays or inconvenience for its flyers.

Enjoy the Golden Lounge from Malaysian Airlines

The Golden Lounge is an airport lounge that can be accessed by all those who are flying in the Business Suite, Business, Enrich Platinum and Enrich Gold classes of Malaysian Airlines. This lounge has an open bar and food catering services.

These Golden Lounges are present in airports across the globe. The lounges come with additional facilities of child-care centres and slumber rooms. These lounges are present in the Kuching, Kuala Lumpur International, London-Heathrow and Kota Kinabalu airports.

Enjoy the benefits of Malaysian Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flyer program run by Malaysian Airlines is called Enrich. Before Enrich, it had another frequent flyer program that is called Esteemed Traveller. Introduced in 1987, this program was eventually dissolved.

Enrich was introduced in 2006 and it offers various benefits like free round-trip tickets for achieving a certain number of reward points within the year. You can also avail of acess to premium airport lounges in you are part of this program.

So, start planning your trip today and when you arrive at the point of booking your flight tickets, you know where you have to go right?