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Qantas Airways

How many times have you cancelled a trip simply because you did not want to go through the hassle of choosing an airline and then booking your flight tickets? Well, most of us would raise our hands because we are all guilty of doing this.

While travelling should be an essential part of your life, choosing the airline should be a cakewalk. Also, since travelling from one place to another is essentially what a trip is mainly about, your chosen airline better be the best one!

Now, when it comes to choosing the right airline, Qantas Airways happen to feature right on top of the list. Be it the throng of destinations that you can choose from or the top-tier in- flight services, Qantas Airways is easily one of the best.

History and Legacy of Qantas Airways

Founded in 1920, it is the flag carrier of Australia. It is also the largest airline service in Australia in terms of fleet size. It also offers the highest number of domestic and international destinations to its passengers.

Though it was founded in 1920, the airline started offering international flights only in 1935.Founded by Hudson Fysh, Fergus McMaster and Paul McGuinness; the airline’s hub is situated at Sydney Airport.

While its founding stones were laid in Winton, Queensland; the headquarter was eventually moved to Longreach, Queensland in 1921 and then to Brisbane, Queensland in 1930. As of 2018, the airline has 323 aircraft operating as part of its roster.

Relax in aircraft designed to suit your needs

Right from the 2000s, Qantas Airways partnered with renowned designer Marc Newson. He is responsible for the top-notch design of the cabins in the entire A380 fleet. His protégé later went on to design the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner as well.

Coming to the classes of services offered within the aeroplanes, Qantas Airways has different levels for Domestic and International flights.

Domestic Flights : In their domestic flights, the airline offers Economy and Business classes of service. The business class seats come with a fully convertible 198 cm long flatbed feature. The entire section has a 2-2 seat configuration. You can relax your muscles and calm your nerves in the reclining seats with ample leg space. The economy class seats are also a great and cost-effective option with a seat configuration of 3-3.

International Flights : If you choose to fly to an international destination then you are in for a treat. Because Qantas Airways offers multiple choices: First class, Business class, Business Suites, Business Skybeds, Premium Economy and Economy.

In-Flight entertainment options that make you go crazy

With an in-flight experience that the airline proudly refers to as “On: Q”, the airline has a myriad of options for on-demand audio and video options. You can also keep yourself entertained with the wireless entertainment system. This enables you to watch audio and videos on the systems that you might be carrying.

You can also avail of their high-speed Wi-Fi while on board to keep yourself updated with your work if you are on an official trip. Lastly, if you are more of a reader then we suggest you peruse their in-flight magazine named “Qantas: The Australian Way”.  With so much information now at your disposal, you better start looking at flight options that suit you best and book your tickets right away!