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Scandinavian Airline

Planning a trip and struggling to choose the right airline? Well, you are not the only confused soul. Most people tend to be perplexed while booking flight tickets.

We tend to overlook an extremely significant aspect of our travel plans i.e. the starting point or the first journey you undertake from your place of residence to your travel destination.This journey marks the beginning. The quality of the journey you experience at this point kind of sets the tone for the rest of your trip.

Hence, it’s important to choose the right airline and book tickets accordingly. At the same time, your return trip or the journey back home at the end of your trip is equally significant.

So if you are planning a trip shortly and feel just the way we do about travelling then close your eyes and book your air tickets with Scandinavian Airline right away!

Scandinavian Airline: History and Legacy

Scandinavian Airline, popularly referred to as SAS, is the national carrier of all the Scandinavian countries i.e. Norway, Denmark and Sweden. For those of you who are curious about what SAS stands for, it is Scandinavian Airline Services.

Founded in 1946, the airline has its hubs located in Copenhagen, Osla and Stockholm- Arlanda. As of 2019, the airline operates an extensive fleet of roughly 180 aircrafts across 90 different destinations.

Apart from the above-mentioned main hubs of the airline, it also has smaller hubs located at Bergen Airport, Sola, Stavanger Airport and Flesland.

Select the cabin that suits your needs and pocket

With SAS, you get to choose from SAS Business, SAS Plus, SAS Go and SAS Go Light. For those who feel confused, let us run you through each class of service and the offerings that come along with it.

SAS Business:  If you have chosen the SAS Business class then brace yourself for an extremely relaxing experience as it comes with wide sleeper seats that can be easily converted into flat beds. Make sure you catch up on your sleep and relax your muscles as much as you can before gearing up for all the activities you plan to do at your destination. In between those power naps, also ensure that you take complete advantage of the 15-inch screens at your disposal.

SAS Plus:  This section comes with wide reclining seats. However, these seats cannot be converted into sleeper seats or flat beds. Nevertheless, these are a great option to soothe your back while enjoying the various in-flight entertainment options. You can also avail fast track security check at the airport apart from free meals on-board and access to airport lounges.

SAS Go:  This section comes with comfortable seating and free beverage options for those taking short-haul flights. If you are in for a long-haul flight with SAS and you have booked a seat for yourself in this section then you can also expect free and delicious meals.

SAS Go Light:  This section doesn’t allow check-in luggage. However, all other services offered here match those offered in SAS Go.
So, now you know the many ways in which SAS or the Scandinavian Airline Service can be the perfect option for you. Wait no more and book your tickets today!