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TAP Air Portugal

We all prefer travelling in comfort, no matter what kind of trip it is and who we are accompanied by. Everyone loves to enjoy travelling and a flight journey should not mar your entire trip.

To ensure that you have a great journey, the ideal choice of airline for anyone should be TAP Air Portugal. It is the national carrier of Portugal and is headquartered at Lisbon Airport. Founded in 1945, the airline is a member of the Star Alliance since 2005.

The airline has an extensive fleet of aircraft i.e. roughly a cumulative of roughly 2500 aircrafts offering services to passengers across 90 different destinations in 34 countries around the globe.

Choose from a wide range of destinations

As of 2017, TAP Air Portugal functions across 90 destinations in 34 countries in North America, Africa, South America, and Europe. TAP Air is also considered one of the best choices if your destination happens to be Brazil.

In 2016, the airline also started a special air shuttle service to develop better connectivity between Lisbon and Porto’s airports. This initiative eventually led to an inventory of roughly 18 round-trip flights between both places.

Talking about the fleet of TAP Air, it has a total of 76 aircraft in its fleet. These include Airbus A319-100, Airbus A321 neo, Airbus A320 neo and many more. They also aim to expand their fleet to a total of 133 by 2025.

Enjoy a range of services for you to choose from

TAP Air offers a plethora of services to its customers. BE it the airport lounges or the spacious seating they offer, as a passenger flying with Tap Air, you are bound to feel pampered.

Cabin Space:  The aircraft has two different classes of seating within the cabin i.e. business class and economy classes. Business class is usually referred to as tap executive and the economy classes are referred to as tap plus, tap classic, tap basic, and tap discount. The business class comes with seats that can be converted into flat beds, LCDs for you to watch on-demand audio and video. The economy classes also offer LCDs with touchscreen. So, irrespective of which class of cabin you choose, you will get a basic set of services that are completely worth the money you pay.

Lounges:   TAP Air usually offers lounge services within Lisbon airport only. The TAP Premium lounge is accessible to all those flying by business class on Star Alliance flights, Star Alliance Gold members and Victoria Gold winners.

You can choose to relax here at the lounge in case of flight delays or layovers. While there is restricted entry into these lounges, if you are a member then there can be nothing better than that.

Keep yourself entertained with a variety of in-flight options

With TAP Air, even your longest flights will seem like a jiffy with their wide variety of entertainment options. Whether you want to watch TV shows or series or movies, you can get it all on your LCD screens. You can also listen to on-demand music from a list of almost 1000 songs and 120 different albums.

So, now you know how pleasant your journey can be. Don’t wait any longer and start booking your tickets today!